<h2>The Widow's Mite</h2>

The Widow's Mite

Episode: 516

Season: 5

Chris has been saving his allowance and lawn mowing money to purchase an expensive new telescope. Meanwhile, the church youth group is involved with a food drive. Chris becomes conflicted about donating money to support the food drive or sticking with his plan of buying the telescope.

Superbook arrives to take Chris, Joy and Gizmo to the Jerusalem Temple. There they meet up with Jesus' disciples while He is teaching. As they watch, a widow makes a donation into the temple treasury. She gives only two mites, but it is all she has to live on. Jesus comments that the poor woman gave more than the other wealthy contributors who gave only a tiny part of their surplus. This causes Chris to rethink his attitude about tithing to his church.

Once home, Chris wrestles with his decision, but finally comes to a place where, like the widow, he gladly donates all his money to the church mission. Mark 12:41-44

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