<h2>Peter's Escape</h2>

Peter's Escape

Episode: 405

Season: 4

Chris and Gizmo send Joy on a round-the-world Holo-9 Virtual tour to 'help' her with her school geography project. As Joy sees scenes of hardship, she is overwhelmed by the state of the human condition. Joy wonders how anyone can help and make a difference. In response, Superbook transports her, Chris and Gizmo back in time to meet Peter, Rhoda, Mary and other followers of Jesus, so that they may witness how the power of prayer can lead to miraculous changes. Acts 12:5

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Prayer can have amazing power.


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  • Adventure Guide

  • Videos

    Peter Heals A Lame Beggar

    • Peter Heals A Lame Beggar
    • King Herod Agrippa Decides To Arrest Peter
    • Believers Pray For Peter
    • Peter Escapes From Prison
    • Peters Escape - The Salvation Poem
  • Q & A

    • Does prayer do anything?

    • Must we believe what we pray?

    • What do I have to give others?

    • Can we overcome the world?

    • Will we face persecution?