<h2>Doubting Thomas</h2>

Doubting Thomas

Episode: 512

Season: 5

Chris tries witnessing to a group of kids on a mission trip and questions its effectiveness when they are unreceptive.

Superbook takes the kids to Jerusalem following Christ’s resurrection. Chris and Gizmo hear people say that Jesus' body was stolen by His followers. When Chris disagrees, he's arrested by Roman soldiers who have been bribed by Caiaphas to cover up the truth. Chris and Gizmo escape and are helped by the disciple Thomas.

Meanwhile, Joy walks with Cleopas and his companion on the road to Emmaus. They meet a stranger who explains how the Messiah's death was foretold in Scripture. Jesus appears to His disciples and charges them to go into all the world and witness their faith. Thomas insists that he won't believe Jesus is alive unless he touches the Lord's wounds with his own hands.

When Jesus appears again and Thomas finally believes, Superbook returns the kids to their own time. Chris tries witnessing again to the same local kids and experiences some encouraging results. Luke 24:48

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You are witnesses of all these things.


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  • Q & A

    • How can I be a witness for Jesus like the disciples in the Bible?

    • How does God want me to live for Him when I don't actually see Him?

    • Will God actually reveal more about Himself to me while I am in the world?

    • Does Jesus really want to know me and spend time with me?

    • Can we fully understand the extent of God's glory and power?